’68 GTO Convertable

To My Fellow Americans: In keeping with our country’s call for “change,” I decided it was time to “change” my aging, rusting, and fading little 1968 GTO. After searching the internet, interviewing former renovation customers, and auto buffs, the firm of Les-Peggy Driscoll was selected as the candidate most qualified to “change” my car. After inspecting my car, Les presented me with his best guesstimate of the cost to do the job. He promised to return my car with the changes to meet my specifications. We shook hands and Les took over. Les, assisted by his son, disassembled my car to its bare bones. He tore out the rusted parts, welded in the new, replaced brake lines, hoses, belts ,etc. The interior was completely re-upholstered, and a new top added. The motor was cleaned and painted. Finally, the body was primed, sanded, and re-painted a snappy candy apple red. During the restoration, Peggy provided me with photo updates showing the work- in- progress. Also I would occasionally pop in to see the work first-hand. Les has lived -up to his “campaign” promises and returned to me a truly “changed” car which I hope will last another 40 years. Further confirmation of the success of my investment has come from all who have seen the new edition, including family members, the man-on-the-street, and even the guys at my local garage. Their first word is usually WOW. In summary, I am completely satisfied with the work taken to “change’ my car. Les, Peg and their son are truly my No. 1 candidate to keep their campaign promises in the car renovation arena. Les and Peg, thanks again for everything.
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